Here at Longevity, we give you the ideal amount of workout variety for your body throughout your week! From cardio to strength and everything in between, you will find yourself in the BEST shape of your life! 

Longevity Training Camp
This one hour session is a great mixture of cardio, core, weights, and calorie burning! Using functional training and principles of athletic conditioning, this workout will test your limits to achieve results. This class is done in circuit training style.  The high-intensity class uses the water rowers, treadmills, ropes, kettlebells and much more to bring your workout to the next level.


Our group S.P.A.S.E session is a fun and high energy cardio and weight workout where you will burn a vast amount of calories! The format is based on the acronym S.P.A.S.E. The themes of Speed, Power, Agility, Strength, and Endurance will be a part of each and every workout.  The team environment and positive coaching will allow you to improve your overall health and fitness while enjoying every minute. Each class will be led by 2 experienced trainers, last 60 minutes, and use both weights and cardio equipment. 


A one hour session focused on your muscle GAINZ! Allow us to take your strength to another level while our motivating trainers get the most out of you!  Burn calories, improve your overall fitness, and get those GAINZ! 


This class is as intense as the end of a game with calorie burning penalties and core strengthening timeouts in an incredibly motivating environment. You will want to be a part of this unique, high energy, and exciting workout that will sculpt your body in just one hour! 


In this one hour session, where incredible trainers will focus on your muscle hypertrophy! This class is based on German volume training. This is an intense workout focusing on high reps with weight. Increase your strength and improve your definition while working your muscular endurance. Allow VOLUMIZER to diversify your weekly workout and increase your muscle burn!

The group session schedule is available under the "schedule" tab.  Workout towels and showers available for all.