Longevity Group Training
Let go of your fears and start 
chasing your dreams while 
being a part of our 
Longevity Group Training Community 

Here at Longevity we strive to not only produce measurable results through fitness,
but to foster a sense of community that can be enjoyed by all. Our goal is that everyone who walks through our doors leaves feeling empowered and refreshed. Our staff WILL know each of our members names and their goals because at Longevity you aren't just a client, you are family.

Our group class format is based on the acronym S.P.A.S.E. The themes of Speed, Power, Agility, Strength, and Endurance will be a part of each workout.  Participants will never experience the same workout twice. Burn calories, lose fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall wellness all in a group setting. Each class will be led by the industries best, last 60 minutes, and use both weights and cardio equipment. 

Speed - Burn off those weekend calories with short bursts of energy to improve your bodies ability to perform at its maximum capability. Class participants will see both weight training and cardio equipment used in this 60 minute class.

Power - Super sets are used during this weight based workout to challenge the body to improve its explosive power. Our staff modifies each exercise as necessary so everyone, regardless of fitness level or age will enjoy the workout and be challenged. Runners can expect hills and sprint work on our treadmills. A HIIT workout at its finest. 

Agility - A class designed to improve your bodies ability to change direction and become more efficient at movement. Work together with your classmates to complete different drills that will increase your heart rate and challenge your whole body.   

Strength - Focus on strengthening and shaping your big muscle groups such as your quads, glutes (butt muscles), back, chest, and shoulders. This is a weight based workout were we use higher weight and lower reps. DO NOT worry about getting too big! Remember, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn while at rest.

Endurance - Spike your heart rate, torch calories, and build your stamina in this cardio based workout! Our team of instructors will lead you through longer intervals of work using low weight and high rep exercises and a variety of cardio equipment. 

We like to say that, "Everyone has an athlete inside of them, why not train like one?"  


Our personal trainers are the best in the business! They are experienced, they are motivating, and they are on the cutting edge of the science behind your training! Our trainers will get the very best out of you and allow you to achieve your goals. Motivation, accountability, and education are the key aspects of any training program and we know that you will see an immense return on investment in all aspects of your life while training at Longevity.  

Additionally, our personal training staff will help you stay on track with your nutrition each week with guidance and frequent communication.

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Team Training

Training as a team will create camaraderie, improve mental toughness, and give teams an edge like they have never had before. Our coaches will customize a plan for your team to improve in endurance, quickness, agility, power, endurance, along with how well they work together.  Specific requests are also accepted if your team needs more of one skill area than another. 

Reach your goals as a part of us! Know that everyday is gameday at Longevity.