Longevity Testimonials

If you think you're already in shape, wait until you take a class here. I love the thrill I get not knowing what theyhave in mind for us to do in class. It scares me, yet I keep coming back for more. I love the intensity and energy we feed off of each other throughout the workouts. I guarantee you'll love it too!  -Mel

"I think there's a saying that a ‪#‎fitfam‬ that works out together makes gains together?Definitely this "saying" was true when all of us on team @nutrishop_orange_tustin got in a sweat sesh at @longevity1717 's "Thinner Before Thanksgiving Dinner" event. Big thanks to for coordinating the team to attend this fun event.  -Dawn                                                       


Best. Workout. Ever. Burned an incredible amount of calories and got stronger. Team

and incredible instructors. Best in the OC.  -Jo

Super satisfied. I have worked with a few trainers with great results and I can honestly say I have never been this sore. Excited to see this transformation. Solid trainers that are very motivating. You wont let yourself quit infront of them.  -Sherrie

Absolutely amazing! This is where you need to be. This is where the magic happens. You will be developed to your fullest potential and become the best version of your self. Every day you will leave class a little stronger mentally and physically than the day before. Longevity is a life changer!!  -Campbell
Some truly inspiring people that will give your money's worth each time they train you! As with many personal trainers, they know their stuff. The difference is the passion. They will push you beyond your limits and get you results. -Sam

Very intense workouts that will give you results plus instructors that will motivate you to give your best effort! -Helen 

Eat your carbs during the day because this class is intense! Great workout and friendly people.


This class really pushed me to my limits. Chris was very supportive, encouraging, and understanding throughout the whole process


Excellent workout. probably one of the hardest I've done! (I consider myself in pretty good shape) Chris was really motivating and everyone at the studio was super friendly


I usually stick to barre and Pilates on class pass, but was looking for something with a little more intensity to change it up and get some good cardio in. I was a little nervous to try something new, but Chris was super warm and inviting right when I walked in the door and made me feel a part of the group. The workout was super tough, but exactly what I needed. Chris was so motivating and cheered us on by name throughout, which really helped me push through. I will definitely be back!


This place was great! I will definitely be coming back. Personal, great workout with nice and encouraging people.