Training Ages
Training at Longevity is built for everyone and anyone. Our training is designed for each individual, no matter the age, the weight, the skill level, or fitness level. Allow us to help you improve while you enjoy the positive energy and camaraderie during your workout at Longevity! You will enjoy training In our gym, where everyday is gameday. 

Ages 11 and under:

This is a critical time in development for a young person. Their body will respond to new movement patterns and they will enjoy learning new skills as well. Young athletes will learn to master their coordination, their running form, and their balance. 

Ages 12-15
At this age, athletes begin to grow in their love for a sport or sports. At Longevity, fundamentals of movement will be focused on, and positive habits will be formed. Our trainers will focus on age appropriate movements focusing on speed, power, agility, strength and endurance.

Ages 16-18

During this time in a young person’s life, their skill of movement can be exponentially improved. Through the focus of speed, power, agility, strength and endurance, athletes can begin to separate themselves from their competitors.  At Longevity, mental toughness and confidence are also addressed in each and every workout, so athletes will begin to grow mentally stronger as their training progresses.

College and Pro

Longevity Sport and Fitness will allow elite athletes to separate themselves even further through our customized training programs. Each athlete will be pushed to their limit and flourish because of our scientific programming and our coach’s specific feedback. Reach your goals as a member of Team Longevity.

Team Training
Training as a team will create camaraderie, improve mental toughness, and give teams an edge like they have never had before. Our coaches will customize a plan for your team to improve in endurance, quickness, agility, power, endurance, along with how well they work together.  Specific requests are also accepted if your team needs more of one skill area than another. 

Reach your goals as a part of us! Know that everyday is gameday at Longevity.